Actress MIA GOTH sued by 'Maxxxine' background actor for battery

Saturday, January 13, 2024
 – Actress Mia Goth, known for the films "X" and "Pearl" has been sued by a background extra of her upcoming film in the series, after allegedly kicking him in the head on purpose during a take.

In documents obtained by TMZ, Mia, director Ti West, and A24 are all being sued by an extra for the upcoming flick. The extra claimed things got physical last year while they were shooting late at night.

The background actor said the scene called for him to wear a robe and be covered in fake blood from head to toe, and he had to lay down in the dirt and play dead for several hours, "enduring ants and mosquitoes."

Mia, who plays Maxine, was supposed to run past the actor, step over him and look at him, then keep running, but after a few takes, the actor claims Mia "nearly stepped" on him.

He said Mia was warned to be careful but instead she "intentionally kicked" him in the head with her boot on the following take, causing serious pain and neck stiffness. He said doctors later told him he suffered a concussion.

The actor said no medical assistance was provided on set. Instead, Mia approached him in the bathroom and "taunted, mocked, and belittled" him, daring them to do anything about what went down.

He also claimed that the fake blood had stuck to his body, so peeling off the blood-stained robe caused more pain and he experienced headaches on the drive home and "nearly passed out twice" during the trip.

The actor who claimed he was taken off the production following the incident, is now suing for at least $500K in damages for battery and wrongful termination, plus punitive. 

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