23-year-old woman pregnant with two sets of identical twins at the same time

Friday, January 19, 2024
 – A first-time mother has discovered is pregnant with two sets of identical twins at the same time.

Parents-to-be, Ebony Apps, 23, and Jayden, 21, who hail from Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia, were left shocked when they found out they were expecting a set of quadruplets.

Having previously experienced two miscarriages before the discovery, Ebony confessed she almost 'passed out' when she was told.

She added: 'Jayden had no words. There's nothing that could prepare you for that news.'

The couple, who were actively trying to conceive, found out they were pregnant in September last year.

After previously suffering two losses, Ebony was thrilled to be pregnant again.

The parents-to-be believed they were welcoming one set of identical twins into the world when after attending their first scan. But when they went for their second scan on October 26, the doctor delivered the shocking news, revealing they were about to welcome double the amount.

'We went to our first ultrasound expecting just one baby, then we were told it was twins,' she said

'Then at our second scan, we were told we were having quadruplets that were two sets of identical twins.'

According to a doctor, the expecting mother's pregnancy is rarer than your typical quadruplet pregnancy, as she is carrying two sets of identical twins.

'Our doctor told us that quadruplet pregnancies are around one in 700,000, and being pregnant with two sets of identical twins is even more rare.

'A nurse said that in her 30 years of experience, she has never seen this happen.'

According to CNN, the likelihood of having two sets of identical twins in a quadruplet pregnancy is one in 70 million.

Ebony admitted she almost fainted upon hearing the results - and her partner Jayden was so in shock he could not speak.

'We both went into a state of utter shock and we were so worried about how we would care and provide for four newborns, but I know that we will manage it.'

After overcoming the initial shock, Ebony shared that her quadruplet pregnancy has been going smoothly so far.

'Considering we found out that we are having four babies rather than just the one that we thought we would have, everything is working out,' she said.

'We are moving into a new house next week and we are in the process of getting a bigger car too.

'I'm feeling pretty good about everything, but I am still really nervous about the birth.'

She added: 'We have our gender reveal coming up in the next few weeks, and I am so excited to find out what we're having. It'll be nice to know what I am growing..'

The due date for the four tots is in June, but because of the nature of the pregnancy, Ebony will be having a scheduled C-section in April. 

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