Watch the dramatic moment a man caught his wife having ‘fun’ in a guest house with another man who drives a Mercedes Benz (VIDEO).

Tuesday, June 4, 2024 - There was drama after a man stormed a guest house and caught his wife having ‘fun’ with another man.

The aggrieved man got wind of his wife’s cheating behaviours and laid a trap for her.

He stormed into the guest house breathing fire and caught her red-handed having ‘fun’ with her secret lover.

In the dramatic video, the cheating woman and her lover, who drives a Mercedes Benz, are seen getting out of the guest house covered in shame as her husband records them.

“Big man. You have been having an affair with my wife,” the heartbroken man is heard saying as he confronts his wife’s lover.

Sensing danger, his wife’s lover boards his Mercedes Benz and drives off.

His wife also boards her vehicle and leaves the premises.

The enraged man returns to the guest room shortly after and continues recording.

“Look at the room. I have the evidence,” he is heard saying.

Watch the video of the dramatic incident here>>

 The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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