No more anti-RUTO demonstrations going forward - Boda Boda riders now warn Gen Zs and Millennials


Friday June 28, 2024 - The Boda Boda Safety Association of Kenya (BAK) has called for an end of demonstrations that have erupted in various parts of the country.

The association noted that its members were losing income as the protests were not conducive for business. 

While urging the youth to stop demonstrating, BAK revealed that Gen Z had secured a major win after President William Ruto rejected the Finance Bill on Wednesday and hence sustained protests were not necessary.

As such, the organisation urged young people to go back home and re-strategise while appreciating their achievements in shooting down the Finance Bill.

“We wish to sincerely appreciate President Ruto, for listening to the voice of young people and Kenyans at large and doing the most Honorable thing of withdrawing the 2024 Finance Bill,” BAK’s statement read in part.

“As the Boda Boda sector, we are unable to earn a living as of now because we entirely depend on the movement of people in a peaceful environment, once there is chaos, our business is in vain putting a strain on our families at home.”

BAK stated that the destruction of property during protests was an abuse of the integrity of the Constitution and urged demonstrators to follow the rule of law. 

Echoing President Ruto’s sentiment, the association begged Kenyans in the streets to give dialogue a chance.

The association remarked that its members had suffered huge losses as a result of Gen Z demos.

According to BAK, continued protests will batter the economy and kick Boda Bodas out of business. 


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  1. Boda boda made business during this maadamano. kama kutoka tao to canivore was 1k. so biz ilikuwa aje down? stop lying.