Even CS MOSES KURIA is fed up with RUTO’s government as he exposes it badly – Look! We can’t keep burdening Kenyans anymore

Friday June 28, 2024 – In a surprise turn of events, Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria, has criticized President William Ruto and his government for being insensitive to the plight of Kenyans.

Speaking during an interview, Kuria particularly criticised the amount of wastage of resources by several agencies in Ruto’s government, saying such wastage was overburdening the Kenyan taxpayers’ unnecessarily.

According to Kuria, he was irked by the number of seminars conducted on a yearly basis.

He revealed that roughly seven out of 10 senior government employees are likely to answer that they are at a seminar when questioned at any given time.

Kuria explained that a majority of the events take part either in Naivasha or Mombasa accounting for a bigger chunk of the national expenditure.

"In terms of expenditure, I think there are a lot of seminars. My friend, you take your phone and call someone asking where they are. seven out of 10 people (say) they are in Naivasha," the CS explained.

"You would think it is a happy valley or something but it is just a way for (people to get) allowances and per diems and all that."

Personally, the CS expressed shock when he flew to Mombasa only to meet his bodyguard, driver, and car had already been transported to the Coast awaiting him.

In his argument, he revealed that their presence was uncalled for, a move that likely pushed him to institute mandatory training for all civil servants.

"I am driving a policy now about vetting people who, for example, are driving to Mombasa, ought not to have their drivers, bodyguards and vehicles going to Mombasa. 

"I am leading this exercise of ensuring that we cut waste and unnecessary expenditure," he added.

"I believe from where I sit that we can be able to cut close to 30 per cent of our budget without affecting government delivery just by focusing on this issue of living within our means.
Says most of the justifications for the travel is for per diem."


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