See what this man was asked to take by his in-laws in Ukambani during dowry ceremony - Marrying a Kamba lady is not cheap.

Monday, May 27, 2024 - An X user has shared the list of items that a man was asked to take to his in-laws during dowry payment ceremony in Ukambani.

He will spend close to Ksh 1 Million for the ceremony.

Among the items required include, a walking stick for his fiancée’s father valued at Ksh 100,000 and a suit which is valued at Ksh 50,000.

He was also asked to take a rope that was valued at Ksh 300,000 among other items.

 “Dear bachelors, just in case you’re planning to get a wife from Ukambani come fully prepared. 

"Don’t say I didn’t tell you. We are the prize,”, the X user wrote and shared a piece of paper where the dowry items had been listed.

The post sparked a heated debate, especially among them.

All these payments yet someone is still coming to live under my roof, eat my food, steal my mental peace, and keep me hostage by constantly making rules that free souls like me don't prescribe to. Wacha ikae,” an X user commented.

"I have no problem with a token of appreciation to parents, and seeking blessings from them. 

"But I have a problem with outright exploitation. Someone once asked if the man's parents too should be compensated for educating the man, and the loss of their son too to marriage,’’ another user added.

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