Man who tried to shoot pastor during church is charged with homicide after his cousin was found dead in his home

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 - A man who pulled a gun on a pastor in a viral video has been charged with homicide after his cousin's dead body was discovered at his home later that day.

Bernard Polite was arrested for pulling a gun on Pastor Glenn Germany during a church sermon. He fired the gun but, thankfully, it didn't discharge.

Polite was subdued by Deacon Clarence McCallister before police arrived.

The incident occurred on Sunday, May 5, at Jesus' Dwelling Place Church in Braddock, Pennsylvania.

Later that evening, Derek Polite, Bernard's cousin, was found dead at Bernard's home.

Bernard has been identified as the suspect in Derek's death and has been charged with homicide.

Witnesses reported seeing Bernard "pacing outside the residence" before the church incident, and a neighbor heard what sounded like a gunshot.

In his confession to police, Polite claimed that "God told him to do it" regarding the attempted shooting at the church.

He remains in custody, initially facing charges related to the church incident before the homicide charge was added.

Pastor Germany praised Deacon McCallister's quick actions as heroic, attributing divine intervention for preventing harm during the attempted shooting.

While forgiving Polite and acknowledging his mental health struggles, Germany expressed emotional difficulty, especially for his daughter who witnessed the traumatic event.

The pastor hopes to use this incident to raise awareness about mental illness and its serious impact on individuals and communities.

Polite is currently held without bail, facing multiple charges including aggravated assault and attempted homicide, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for the following week.

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