See what KDF has said over its hostility with the Kenya Police after its soldiers beat up police officers in 3 incidents?

Sunday, April 28, 2024 - The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has moved to set the record straight following an altercation between its servicemen and police officers. 

This followed two separate incidents in the Coast region where KDF officers assaulted police officers in Kilifi and Mombasa Counties. 

In one of the incidents, a military officer stormed a police station, beat up police officers, and set prisoners free while in another incident, KDF soldiers were caught on camera assaulting police officers and security guards.

“This evening at the Likoni Ferry, KDF soldiers were involved in a scuffle that has been circulated through various social media mediums,” KDF noted in a statement.

“To establish the circumstances leading to the incident, Military Police and requisite investigation agencies are currently handling the matter.”

KDF remarked that the incidents were highly regrettable and emphasised that the force was beholden to the value of professionalism.

In the Likoni Ferry incident, five on-duty servicemen were seen beating up police officers and security officers stationed at Likoni Ferry on the island side. 

In the other incident, in Kilifi County at Rabai Sub-County, it was announced that police officers based at Kambe Ribe Police Station arrested a suspect accused of an assault case. 

Immediately after the arrest, a KDF officer stationed at Garissa, who is a cousin of the suspect, stormed the police station demanding the release of the suspect. 


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