Rapper JEEZY backtracks on request for full custody of daughter MONACO amid divorce with ex-wife JEANNIE MAI

Thursday, April 18, 2024
 – Jeezy has backtracked on his request for full custody of his two-year-old daughter Monaco with estranged wife Jeannie Mai.

According to TMZ, the rapper, who recently claimed Mai 'isn't taking care of their child,' is now asking a judge for joint custody and a temporary parenting schedule.

He wants time with Monaco to be equally split between both parents.

Jeezy claims that he's hardly seen his daughter in 2024 because Mai has allegedly failed to adhere to the custody arrangement they agreed upon in mediation last year.

Although Mai agreed to let him take Monaco from the dates of March 3 to March 9, Jeezy alleges that plans to see his child again in early April were thwarted.

He claims that Monaco was not at his and Jeannie's marital home when he sent someone there to pick her up on visitation day.

The Put On hitmaker claims that he's often left in the dark about his child's location now that Jeannie and Monaco no longer live in the home.

He claims that Jeannie has his cellphone number blocked so he is unable to see Monaco via FaceTime.

The rapper also alleges that Jeannie is bothered by him being a gun owner despite him having always owned guns.

Jeezy is requesting that a hearing be held to work out the details of a temporary parenting schedule as their divorce battle rages on.

This comes just one week after he petitioned an Atlanta judge to discard the custody and parenting time arrangement that he and Jeannie, 44, agreed upon in recent mediation and wanted Monaco to live with him full time.

He alleged that 'Jeannie isn’t even taking care of their kid herself,' per the outlet.

Additionally, the Soul Survivor hitmaker claimed that Jeannie had denied him parenting time with Monaco for nearly two months.

Initially, during his separation from Mai, Jeezy consented to relocate to the basement, while Mai eventually vacated their residence, taking Monaco with her.

He now asserts that over the past two months, during which his parenting time has been denied, their daughter has predominantly been under the care of Mai's mother and brother.

In essence, Jeezy argued that Monaco's life would be more stable under his sole guardianship.

The court filing comes four months after Jeannie requested that the court hold off on enforcing her prenup with Jeezy as she claims that she did not have enough time to review it before signing after conflicting statements about their separation.

The television personality filed the request in Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia.

In it, Jeannie is asking a judge to either deny the rapper's motion to enforce the prenuptial agreement or at least hold off on enforcing it until both parties can exchange info about it.

The publication reports that the documents indicate that Jeannie said the prenup process was so quick that she doesn't believe that she had the time to be able to do the proper due diligence on the agreement.

She claims that the two had only started negotiating five days before their wedding.

Jeezy, whose real name is Jay Wayne Jenkins, filed for divorce from Mai in September 2023 after two years of marriage.

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