CS LINTURI shields himself as farmers cry as he explains the difference between the fake fertilizer and the one in RUTO’s subsidy program

Saturday April 13, 2024
 - Agriculture Cabinet Secretary (CS) Mithika Linturi has clarified the difference between the ‘Fake Fertilizer’ claims and the certified Government product. 

Speaking during a media interview, Linturi noted that the product being distributed in the market is not what the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) had previously certified.

The CS further added that the product circulating in the Kenyan markets was different from the approved fertilizer distributed through the Government’s subsidy program. 

“The fertilizer people are referring to is not the fertilizer that I am distributing within the subsidy program.”

“I had taken all the necessary measures to ensure that our fertilizer within the program we are running was properly insulated against interference,” Linturi clarified. 

According to Linturi, the product featured on Africa Uncensored was not part of the deal signed with NCPB. 

He further alleged that the fertilizer deal signed in March 2022, before the Kenya Kwanza Government took office, was for producing a soil conditioner.

“The product certified by KEBS is not the product that is in the market.” 

In his defence, Linturi noted that under his guidance, the product under the subsidy program was thoroughly inspected, and produced under tight guidelines. 

“The product was properly insulated against interference.”

“In terms of standard and beating specs that were agreed between NCPB and the suppliers,” he added.

The Government, on April 5, confirmed the presence of fake fertilizer in the country, as CS Linturi directed farmers to avoid getting the products from specific companies.


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