KINDIKI orders the immediate transfer of police officers who have stayed in one police station for three years.

Friday, March 8, 2024 - Interior Coordination Cabinet Secretary, Prof Kithure Kindiki, has ordered the immediate nationwide transfer of police officers who have been stationed at a single location for more than three years.

Speaking in Kiambu County on Friday, during a meeting with senior law enforcement authorities concerning the government's campaign against drug and illicit alcohol abuse in the region, Kindiki highlighted that some of the officers have become complacent due to their prolonged tenures at a particular posting.

"There has been a problem of officers who have stayed in one station for long. Not at your (senior) level. 

"Among junior police officers there are characters there who have stayed in one police station for many years," Kindiki said.

"We have talked about this issue of 3-year transfer policy for too long and I wanted to communicate that officers from all agencies who have served in one station for three years and above will be transferred starting today (Friday, March 8, 2024)." 

The CS further pointed out that the officers have developed personal interests tied to their assigned stations, which he says impede their effectiveness in fulfilling their mandates as law enforcement authorities.

Additionally, Kindiki stated that some of the officers turn a blind eye to criminal activities, engaging with and shielding criminals in exchange for bribes.

"They have local interests and have ventured into businesses.  Some have even married into the communities and they are the ones who enter into unholy alliances with some of the people who are destroying the country. They are the ones who arrange protection fees," he said.

"So station commanders are actually introduced to such things (by junior officers) when they arrive.  

"Some of the officers even insubordinate their superiors. This is a directive that has to be complied with and the IG and other relevant persons have been directed to implement it without fail."


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