UFC fighter, IAN MACHADO GARRY, explains why he hired ex-husband of his wife, LAYLA, to be his nutritionist and travel the world with them

Friday, February 16, 2024
 – Irish professional mixed martial artist, Ian Machado Garry, 26, has explained why he hired his wife's ex-husband as his nutritionist.

Machado Garry's relationship with his wife Layla, 40, has been in the spotlight for a number of months after he employed her ex-husband as his nutritionist.

The UFC star, who is preparing for his next fight on Saturday night in Anaheim, has explained the reason behind employing Richard Cullen.

He told Shakiel Mahjouri: 'The main reason behind my wife's ex-husband is that he's an elite performance nutritionist and he's very f***ing good at what he does, to the point where every single UFC weight cut has been easier every time.

'We've worked phenomenally together and I'm very proud of the work we've done. In that same regard, he's a professional in one regard, he's also the father of my wife's son and I never want to be a wedge between a father and a son.

'I know we're going on this adventure to travel the world, "hey dude, want to travel the world, be my nutritionist and we can all do this together, you can come and see your son whenever you want", the two of them are going to Disney World this morning. And that's the energy I have.

He continued: 'I want to be a good human, I want to be a good man and never want to be a wedge between a father and a son.

'I know if someone was to be a wedge between me and my son, I'd be livid, I'd be livid and I'd hate that person.

'I never want that on my conscience. So the truth is, my wife does not have a boyfriend, my wife has an ex-husband and they have a past. I understand that, I'm aware of that, everyone has a f***ing past in their life, everyone does.

'I don't want to be a wedge between my wife and her ex-husband and her kid and have them go through battles and arguments if I didn't want them around.

'No, I'm a bigger man than that, I understand that there's a child in all of this and he deserves to be prioritised.' 

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