UDA Senator KARUNGO THANG’WA now exposes rogue Pastor JAMES NG’ANG’A’s dark secrets when he used to work for him – You won’t believe this!


Friday February 23, 2024 - Kiambu Senator Karungo wa Thang’wa has revealed his first-hand experiences working for Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre, in the early years of his journalism career. 

Speaking during an interview, Thang’wa revealed several secrets about working under Ng’ang’a, ranging from salary payments to employee relations. 

Thang’wa, who was the head of other employees at the church, was given a monthly compensation of Ksh30,000, while the rest of the employees were paid for the work done in that particular month. 

“From the salary, one was expected to offer 10 per cent tithe of their salary as an offering,” he narrated. 

He noted that the pastor would randomly slash employees' salaries in some months, for no particular reason.

On instances when employees were underpaid, the pastor would question their contributions towards the church’s prosperity.  

“He never used to pay us via the bank. He would call us in his office within the church and call out names, whereby he would pay us according to what we had done in that particular month,” he added. 

According to Thang’wa, his salary was never slashed as they were good friends with the pastor at the time, whereas some of the employees would, unfortunately, get less money than in previous months. 

“What have you done this month? How much do I pay you for that? Ksh15,000? This month you get Ksh5,000,” Thang’wa recalled Ng’ang’a’s statements while making the payments. 

Further narrating his career outside Ng’ang’a’s church, the Senator revealed how he missed a good job opportunity that required him to cut his dreadlocks, which he couldn’t have done at the time. 

“I would have gotten better pay, but I was not comfortable with how I looked without my hair, so the work I was being offered was given to Michael Njenga,” he stated. 


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