I'm sorry - Manchester City coach PEP GUARDIOLA apologises to KALVIN PHILLIPS for publicly calling him out for being overweight

Tuesday, February 20, 2024
 – Manchester City coach, Pep Guardiola has apologised to Kalvin Phillips for publicly revealing the midfielder was overweight last season.

Phillips was told to stay away from Manchester City over Christmas on failing to hit target weight after returning from a post-World Cup holiday to New York.

The 28-year-old, who is now on loan at West Ham United, recently admitted that he felt hurt by how Guardiola announced the issue in the public.

His mother, Lindsay, stopped attending City matches. Phillips has said that he didn't disagree with Guardiola's assessment but that there are 'different ways to go about' things. The pair have never since discussed the issue.

'Yeah, I'm sorry,' Guardiola said. '[Apologising] once in eight years is not bad. But I'm so sorry. I apologise to him. I do apologise. I'm so sorry.

In an interview with Mail Sport last summer, Phillips claimed that he was unaware of Guardiola's comments until he had already returned to training.

'Oh no I spoke about that,' the City boss added. Asked when they spoke, he replied: 'Before. I spoke to him. I never before said something here [before I] speak with the players in that case.'

The England international has maintained that he 'laughed' at the public furore around his weight last year, adding to Mail Sport that: 'It doesn't faze me. I'm the footballer and living my dream, doing the thing I love.

'I'd gone to New York for three or four days after Qatar. I'd flown all day.. I'd had breakfast, lunch, dinner and landed. Slept during the flight as well. And straight into football.

'I'd had a full day of eating. There is water retention and stuff on a flight. It was a misunderstanding really.'

Guardiola, who bristled at questions around pressure on City after their 1-1 draw against Chelsea, can take his side back to second with victory over Brentford on Tuesday night.

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