Bride is handcuffed and her mugshot taken in wedding dress before tying knot with cartel 'mouse'

Tuesday, January 16, 2024
 – A bride had her mugshot taken on her wedding day as she and her husband were charged as part of a wider extortion scheme.

Their crimes allegedly involved the La Familia Michoacana drugs cartel in Mexico, with a bride known as Nancy Lizeth N arrested on December 22 along with her soon-to-be husband, Clemente N.

Her partner was dubbed "Ratón," meaning "mouse".

Six other men were arrested alongside the bridge and groom, with accusations levelled at the cartel group over their involvement in pressuring chicken merchants of Mexico City

The arrested group is alleged to have kidnapped four employees of a poultry shop in nearby Toluca, with prosecutors now identifying their roles in the scheme.

One suspect aptly nicknamed "Chicken," identified by authorities as Misael N., was said to be controlling "extortion activities" while Santiago N. had driven an "Explorer-type truck" to transport the kidnapped victims.

A third person involved in the extortion attempts, Nabor N., is believed to be a "main order and controller of the chicken and egg trade," the Daily Mail reported. The group has since tried and failed to make some more cash from those involved in the food industry.

Attempting to extort the chicken business and failing to do so has, according to investigating authorities, cost the gang of eight around $ 47 million.

Police are continuing their investigation into the multi-million-pound racket, though authorities are claiming there has been a drop in gang activity despite the group's recent ties to a vicious cartel.

La Familia Michoacana was recently linked to a horrifying drone attack in Southern Mexico earlier this month, with half a dozen people believed to have been killed.

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