MUDAVADI in serious panic as he now claims the Gen Z revolution may overthrow WILLIAM RUTO – Look! They never expected this

Saturday, June 22, 2024 - Prime Cabinet Musalia Mudavadi has panicked over the Gen Z revolution against President William Ruto and his government.

Speaking during a development tour in Eldama Ravine, Baringo County, Mudavadi disclosed that rejecting the contentious Finance Bill was commensurate to passing a vote of no confidence against President Willam Ruto’s government.

According to Mudavadi, a vote of no confidence against the government would force Ruto to step down as president.

As a result, he called on MPs to remain adamant despite growing pressure for them to drop the Finance Bill.

He went ahead to commend the legislators for voting in favour of the bill and urged them not to succumb to the pressures posed by the Gen Zs and the ongoing protests.

"Those people pushing to reject the Finance Bill, if it is rejected by any government, the next thing they will say is that it was a vote of no confidence," Mudavadi stated.

"So, when you think it's a joke, they're planning to send Ruto home, don't take it lightly," he added.

The Foreign Affairs CS reiterated that a Finance Bill was not a strange thing in Kenya and that most nations across the globe had similar bills. 

He further disclosed that Kenya would have gone into history books as the first country globally to clamp down on a Finance Bill which could have meant an incompetent administration.

“The Finance Bill is not normal. A Finance bill is the foundation of a government and if it fails then the net effect is always weighty,” he revealed.


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