NFL star RASHEE RICE sued for more than $10 million over Dallas car crash

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
 – NFL star, Rashee Rice has been sued for over $10m by the two persons injured in the Dallas car crash he was involved in.

TMZ reported that Rice was sued by Edvard Petrovskiy and Irina Gromova in Dallas County last week, less than a month after the crash caused them injuries in a massive pileup on a Texas highway.

Petrovskiy and Gromova said that on March 30, Rice was in a Lamborghini Urus, racing his friend Theodore Knox before they lost control at a Corvette and barrelled into other innocent drivers on the roadway.

The plaintiffs claimed both Rice and Knox left the scene without making any effort to check on those impacted by the crash. They further revealed that some of the victims were “severely injured, bleeding, and visibly distressed.”

They are now suing Rice and Knox, an SMU football player, for no less than $10 million in punitive damages, after they reportedly suffered, among other things, brain trauma, lacerations that required stitches and internal bleeding.

They're also seeking compensatory damages for the medical bills, mental anguish, property damage and more in the suit.

Rice has not yet publicly commented on the lawsuit though his attorney, Royce West, said in the days following the accident that Rice would do all he could to make everyone involved whole again.

Both Rice and Knox, meanwhile, are also facing criminal charges, including one count of aggravated assault, one count of collision involving serious bodily injury, and six counts of collision involving injury. Both men surrendered to police last week and were released shortly after taking mug shots.

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