Don’t marry a girl from extremely poor background - LADY advises men

Monday, April 8, 2024
 – A US-based African lady, Chi Omaani, has advised men to not marry girls from extremely poor backgrounds.

“Guys marry the love of your life true buh please don’t marry a girl that is extremely poor or from an extremely poor background. Those set of girls will carry all their family problems and put it on you," she wrote in a Facebook post.

“They will use you as poverty alleviation. Yes you are marrying into the family but please you are not marrying into the family to go and carry their family burden. ONE THING I WILL NEVER DO IS TO ALLOW MY HUSBAND TO CARRY THE BURDEN OF MY FAMILY. EVERYONE SHOULD WORK HARD, IF HE GIVES COOL IF HE DOESNT COOL. BUT HE WILL NEVER OVERDO HIMSELF.” 

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