Trending Kenyan simp, PRINCE JOHN, shares the message he sent his fianceé on WhatsApp after finding out she was cheating on him - They were planning to wed in November.

Sunday, March 17, 2024 - A youthful Kenyan man identified as Prince John on Facebook is trending after he took to social media to call out his cheating fiancée, Sylvia Mbeere.

Sylvia and John were planning a wedding in November.

He found out that she was cheating on him a few weeks ago and confronted her on WhatsApp.

He had once caught her cheating and forgave her, only to catch her cheating again with the same man.

Sylvia is begging for forgiveness.

Taking to his Facebook he wrote,” If your spouse cheats, gets caught, apologizes, and promises to never cheat again, do you give them one more chance? 

"At first I didn't feel like forgiving her, it took some convincing from her that she won't repeat the same mistakes again and intervention from our parents. 

"So, I gave her another chance. Things were fine. Then, she started screwing around again. I confronted her and she acted as if I insulted her. 

"I knew she was messing around, so I walked out of that relationship. I never hit or raised a hand on her.

Call me simp, weak, or narcissist but that doesn't define me. I'm a man if I truly love you I can move mountains to be with you. 

"I will call you, text you, and let you know how important you are to me. 

"I will never go ghost and will always respect you. I will call you beautiful or pretty. I will not only say you're my world but show you with my actions. 

"I will not leave any doubts in your mind about how I feel about you. I will make you a priority. I'm not perfect but I always try to give of my best,”

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