'The real truth will come out soon' - Coming to America star, JOHN AMOS, 84, denies daughter's claim that his son failed to provide proper care for the aging actor

Tuesday, March 05, 2024
 – American actor, John Amos has denied allegations of neglect after cops launched an investigation into the 'abuse' of the Coming to America star after his daughter claimed her brother failed to provide care for the ageing actor.

Back in July, the 84-year-old actor's daughter Shannon said her brother, KC, failed to provide proper care for their father and proceeded to call Adult Protective Services.

Amos released an exclusive statement to People refuting those claims on Monday morning as he said: 'I want to first say that I am feeling well and working diligently on various projects that I am involved in at this time, including the docuseries that my son and I are producing, along with a music release.

'I'd like to add that everywhere we go together, people refer to my son K.C. as my twin. I'm proud of him for who he is as a person: a caring, thoughtful human being who respects me and I him.'

Amos previously denied his daughter's bizarre claims that he was the victim of elder abuse and said they were based on a lie and that he was never abused and he took an even firmer stance this time around.

He told People: 'Now, I will say this for now: This story about neglect is false and unmerited.

'The real truth will come out soon and you will hear it from me. Believe it.'

According to TMZ, Adult Protective Services filed a report based on his daughter's claims before they handed the case over to the LAPD, who then launched the investigation.

Shannon and KC have had a conflicted relationship for years and cops said they were aware of the siblings' targeted claims against each other, TMZ reported.

In July, KC was taken into custody after his sister said he sent her threatening text messages with a video of him firing a gun in an open field along with a message that read 'Gonna sleep much better tonight big sis.'

According to the report, Shannon also said KC told her that he had connections to organized crime groups and she felt that 'her life was in danger.'

She went on to send her brother a cease and desist letter, which was issued in response to his various online statements about her - and claimed he 'no longer has authority to make medical decisions for their father John.'

According to New Jersey's Essex County Prosecutor's Office spokesperson Robert Florida, Shannon stated that KC was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the past.

She also said her brother believed she hired a hitman to kill him and fears that her sibling may act on his suspicions, according to documents obtained by TMZ.

On top of her claims that her father was suffering 'elder abuse' and was 'fighting for his life, Shannon also allegedly launched a GoFundMe fundraiser for him.

The page's target donation amount was set at $500,000 and claimed the actor, dubbed 'America's Dad', fell victim to a 'caregiver' who stole from him, stripping his home of 'anything valuable.'

But Amos quickly shut down the allegations and said he has no idea why his daughter launched the fundraiser, according to TMZ.

Shannon said her father's alleged ordeal started in June when she received a distressing phone call from her father telling her he was in a hospital in Memphis.

Shannon did not offer any details of the abuse in her appeal, except noting her father's home had been 'violated, stripped of anything valuable.'

She added the family was working with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and local police to 'seek justice.'

'The cruelty inflicted upon my dad leaves me questioning what kind of human could commit such acts,' Shannon added. 'Yet, we hold onto hope that justice will prevail.'

'We are deeply saddened by John's victimization through elder abuse, neglect, and fiduciary abuse, believed to be perpetrated by a trusted caregiver.'

'This betrayal has devastated us, and we are resolute in continuing a thorough investigation.' 

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