Man given just months to live shocks medics after his brain tumour vanished

Monday, March 11, 2024
 – A man who was given months to live has seen his aggressive brain cancer effectively disappear, leaving doctors stunned.

Ben Trotman, 41, of West Sussex, was given the glioblastoma diagnosis in October 2022 and he brought his wedding forward to January 2023 as he prepared for the end.

Doctors told him and his now-wife Emily that patients normally only survive nine months.

They were left “grappling with the fact he had gone from being apparently perfectly healthy to having months to live”.

But luckily the investment banker was able to join a world-first clinical trial for a treatment that uses patients’ own immune systems to attack the tumour.

Now, after completing treatment, Ben is virtually disease-free, with the tumour receding in a way that was “previously unheard of”.

Dr Paul Mulholland, of University College Hospital in London, told The Times: “The standard treatment for glioblastoma is to have surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

“Then your disease comes back, then you have palliative care, then you die. It’s the same story every time. We need to do something different.”

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