It's wicked to take advantage of women for your financial and S£XUAL needs - Man tells 'broke' guys

Friday, March 15, 2024
 – A man called Aladeshogo Omokunmi Oluwakayode has called out broke men who take advantage of women for their own financial and s*xual needs.

“To all of the broke and poor brothers out there, I beg you, if you see no future in the presence woman in your life, please let her go to a place where she will be respected and valued for who she is,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

"It saddens me that so many of you take advantage of these women for your own financial, s*xual, and other needs and do not wind up marrying them. It's wicked, and this needs to stop.

“Even if you're broke and poor, you may still meet the woman of your dreams if you're attractive and have good communication and presentation skills. Real women with genuine intentions appreciate ambitious and valuable men.” 

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