Is this WETANGULA who was ambushed by his wife in a city entertainment joint having fun with his side chick? - Details of the dramatic incident.

Sunday, March 17, 2024 - A party leader has become the talk of the town after he was confronted by one of his wives at a city pub in the company of his side chick and former MP.

He was surprised when his wife arrived at the pub unannounced and started causing drama.

The situation turned nasty when a verbal exchange between his girlfriend and wife ensued.

He maintained a studious silence as the two women insulted each other.

The former MP managed to convince the wife to leave.

Is this National Assembly speaker Moses Wetangula?

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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  1. There is some zombies-ness that come with mt kenya women/ladies: kama hii ya huyu jamaa.
    Sida ni kufuata ma fala za wanawake marafiki shetani na kufuata mamazo na kusumbua ma bwana yao.
    Woa wa fanya boma yao hayakaliki and wufuata ma bwana yao kokote waliko - shida kila mahala.
    Mzee malaya aki fanya umalaya yake - wewe naye mtombe viruri kiliko hiyo malaya ako naye - ndo upate mumewako - kazii si kufanya ujinga kokote mume wako aliko!
    Shenzi sana.