Bungoma Governor KENNETH LUSAKA accused of being a nuisance to Parklands residents - He visits his side chic with bodyguards and sirens blaring from his huge motorcade.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024 - Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka has reportedly become a nuisance to residents of Parklands, where his side chic lives.

He reportedly makes endless visits to his side chic’s apartment with a huge motorcade.

He goes to the estate with sirens blaring, the flag on and security agents in tow, bringing activities at the estate to a standstill.

He then keeps his security entourage waiting outside the apartment for hours as he engages in escapades with his side chic.

He drives off after satisfying his manly needs.

Lusaka, a well-known womanizer, was notorious for this conduct even when he was the Speaker.

His friends thought he would change his behaviours after he became a Governor but old habits die hard.

We understand that his side chic is a student at USIU.

He has rented an apartment for her in Parklands.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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