DIDDY accuser started a GoFundMe weeks before lawsuit and did not mention assault allegation

Thursday, February 29, 2024
 – Diddy's former producer Rodney Jones a.k.a Lil Rodmadeit who became the latest person to file a lawsuit against the music executive over alleged sexual assault, fundraised for this same lawsuit days ago and made no mention of the alleged sexual assault he detailed in his complaint.

He shared a video on Instagram before his public lawsuit hit the press on Monday, February 26, and the video was aimed at raising money from his followers to pay for a suit against Diddy.

In the video, Jones lamented over not being able to revel in Diddy's 'LOVE' album's Grammy nominations because he claimed he had been screwed in royalties and publishing. He also alleged that Diddy had refused to pay him what he's owed.

He stated that he need money to fight him in court and that's where his GoFundMe comes into play.

Two days before this video went up, Rodney had started a GFM campaign with the title "Help Me Sue Sean 'Diddy' Combs" and it had a $50k goal. In both the description of his GoFundMe and in his clip, he makes no mention of the alleged sexual assault he claims he endured at the hands of Diddy/his associates while working for him.

In the lawsuit he filed against Diddy, Rodney claimed Diddy forced him to sleep with sex workers, watch gay porn, and also got him drugged. The bulk of the complaints online earlier this month were geared towards his business dealings with Diddy.

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