Detectives and pathologists puzzled as autopsy of RITA WAENI reveals another strange thing – See what killers did to her nails?

 Friday, January 19, 2024 – Detectives probing the cold-blooded murder of university student Rita Waeni Muendo, whose body was found in a dustbin in Roysambu, have been thrown into further confusion.

This is after pathologists found another strange occurrence during the autopsy of Rita Mueni.

Pathologists and detectives were puzzled by the move by Rita’s killers to clip off her fingernails.

A postmortem conducted on the body on Friday showed she had missing nails.

"This person who did all these also tried to clip off the fingernails for reasons which I might not be able to know but for us scientists when we see fingernails clipped off, we think probably the person was trying to hide evidence so that we are unable to get his DNA from the victim," government pathologist Johansen Oduor told reporters after the exercise.

The finding has left detectives puzzled with the motive of the killing still not yet established.

"I don't know why but in investigations, such nails help in gathering evidence. People fight when dying and DNA evidence can be hidden there," Oduor said.

Oduor, however, said there were remnants of some fingernails and that samples were taken for further analysis to help police in their investigations.

The autopsy confirmed that the body was dismembered with the head chopped off and the legs also cut away from the trunk.

"The skin looks like it was cut with a sharp object but the bone was sawed off with what looks like a hacksaw. 

"This is the first time I am seeing something like this. In my forensic life, I have never come across such an incident," Oduor said.

The pathologists picked samples from the kidney, stomach, vagina and blood for toxicology analysis at a government chemist for further tests to ascertain if there were substances introduced to the body.

The body parts of the student, who was due to join her fourth year of university, were found inside a trash bag in the apartment by the caretaker on Sunday, January 14.


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