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Thursday, March 5, 2020 - President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government has warned Kenyans against discriminating Chinese nationals in the country over the coronavirus epidemic.

There have been reports across Kenya of harassment of Chinese nationals after videos emerged showing members of the public charging against them in different parts of the country, with some asking if they are suffering from the virus.

Wuhan, which is a city of 11 million inhabitants is on lockdown due to the coronavirus, a disease that has killed over 3,000 worldwide and infected 93,000 people.
In a statement to Kenyans, Interior Principal Secretary, Karanja Kibicho, says Kenyans should not discriminate against the Chinese because this will put over 3,000 Kenyans living in China in danger.

“If this is allowed to continue and their people decide to retaliate on the other side, then we will have more to lose,” Kibicho said.

Chinese Ambassador to Kenya, Wu Peng, has also advised against discriminating nationals from his country over the epidemic.

“This kind of locating some kind of diseases to some people or targetted geographical areas is totally wrong,” he told CGTN in an interview this week, and cited Ebola, the deadly epidemic that killed thousands and was never referred to as an African virus.

“This discrimination and prejudice will only harm the people and the war against the epidemic,” he warned.


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