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Wednesday March 4, 2020 - Yesterday’s court drama where the Director of Criminal Investigations, George Kinoti, and DPP Noordin Haji had a fallout over the arrest and prosecution of KPA boss, Daniel Manduku, has put the two on a collision path.

Kinoti has even vowed to put Haji in his place if he does not stop sabotaging him especially on high profile cases.

According to reports, Kinoti took over the case himself and bypassed the DPP's office.

Haji only learnt of the arrest through the media, as DCI officers claimed that they were frustrated by efforts by DPP Haji to handle cases because files which dated back to April 2019 still lay at Haji's office.

In the court, after the DCI had prepared a charge sheet, DPP's officers refused to register the sheet arguing that the DCI had defied their directive to review Manduku's case independently, as officials from the two agencies lost their cool in court.

"It is very unfortunate the DCI decided to drag the persons to court in total disregard of the DPP's directive that he needs to do an independent review of the file.”

“The DPP is very disappointed about the way the case is being conducted," Joseph Riungu, Haji's assistant stated.

"It is a difficult matter and situation for the DCI.”

“I don't understand the differences between us and the prosecution since we followed due diligence, prepared the charge sheet and brought the suspects to court," Gituathi Njoroge, the Lead Investigator argued for Kinoti's side.

Before arresting Manduku, Kinoti had said that his office had completed investigations and handed over the file to the DPP in November 2019. 

"I can assure you that the threshold is 100 per cent and not anything less than that.”

“We are waiting for the approval from the DPP for arraignment in court of the criminals who we have listed as suspects, but as far as the DCI is concerned, we are absolutely done with our investigations," Kinoti stated.


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