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Thursday March 12, 2020 – Renowned political analyst and University of Nairobi (UoN) don, Herman Manyora, has shared his thoughts on the dramatic events in Kenya's political scene, explaining why he believes Deputy President William Ruto is falling into a trap set for him by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader, Raila Odinga.

Manyora maintained that the recent hard-hitting press conferences were a ploy by Uhuru and Raila to force Ruto to come out openly against the President and subsequently, turn Uhuru's Mt. Kenya backyard against the Deputy President.

By accusing the system of being against him, Manyora observed that Ruto was already falling into that trap because 'the system' could be perceived as a veiled reference to the President.

"Tanga Tanga are falling into a trap.”

“Ruto is being pushed to say and do things that will make him lose favour with the mountain by painting him as opposing Uhuru, and he is falling into the trap.” 

"When he says or does these things, Uhuru will go to Mt Kenya and tell the people, you see, this is why I cannot work with this man.”

"These press conferences also allow Uhuru and Raila to see exactly who is standing with Ruto so that they can begin to isolate and attack them," he explained.

According to Manyora, the plan by the Uhuru-Raila faction is to relentlessly attack Ruto and his allies until 2022, by which time he would be fatigued and his footsoldiers depleted.

He predicted that after trying to turn Mt. Kenya against Ruto, they will seek to get Ruto's Rift Valley backyard to follow suit by propping up Baringo Senator Gideon Moi.

"Soon, they'll forget about the mountain and they'll start attacking him from home through Gideon Moi.”

"This is war.”

“You know that in war soldiers get fatigued, they get exhausted.”

“They are setting him up to lose members of his team such that by 2022 he will be alone," he observed.


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  1. Unfortunately Manyora with the remaining few ignorant Kenyans not intouch with the grass routes think main media narratives are working. We are informed by raw, unmanipulated, unconcorted, undistorted information before the main media houses speak to the masses. Kenyans holding on to those smart phones accessing social platforms, localised gutter presses, pushing buttons sending out unadultered and censured clips of what is transpiring on the ground are in control of real issues before celebrity media personnel think they are still celebrated for the narratives they try to push. Kenyans can tell when they are lying unapologetic-ally, exaggerating, dramatising, taking sides, looking like hired media mercenary assassins. Kenyans are no longer that ignorant. Not in the era of information right in our hands... the phone. Even CNN and Donald Trump knows we are not a Hot-bed of terror and were wise to apologise for it. Even you one day will be made to apologise. Bashir was not removed by an opposition leader, The masses did. More powerful than ICC. Let him that has an ear, hear.