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I have said many times that a Kenyan Christian is the greatest idiot in the whole world. I have also repeatedly indicated that if the son of man comes back today, the only Christians who may go to heaven are innocent children.

In ancient days of Christianity in Kenya, the church was at the forefront of development in the society. During those good days, it was the church that built schools, vocational skills acquisition centers, promoted farming activities in farms, among others.

During those days, Christians truly worshiped God. The church offered scholarships, gave free learning materials including books, teaching aids, paid teachers, gave food, shelter and clothing to the needy.

Notwithstanding that the primary theme of sermons was anchored on preparing the man, for the life after death, it was incumbent upon the church to try its best and ensure that each member who dared set foot in the house of God lived a good life as he prepared for life after death.

Back in those days, the satisfaction of the church was the welfare and the well-being of its members. The success of the church was measured through the number of lives touched for instance, the number of people that renounced the devil, turned over a new leaf by giving their lives to Christ. 

As a result, the church offered safe haven for humans in various distress situations such as those in need of food, accommodation, clothing, financial relief, cure of debilitating diseases such as mental disorders and leprosy among several others.

As the church ministered to the needs of its members, their lives got better and as a result of good health, they brought the proceeds of the work of their hands in form of offerings and tithe to the house of God during church service on Sunday, harvest and thanksgiving ceremonies. Subsequently, more schools, orphanages, hospitals and maternity homes were built.

Also, scholarships to higher levels of learning were awarded because the house of God indeed became the house of plenty. Pastors saved money for various social development projects because they lived modest lives behind the church in the church compound, bicycled, and worked hard in their own farms. A perfect example of storing up treasures in heaven as the holy Bible recommends. Those were the good old holy days.

Fast forward:

Fast-forward to these cursed modern days of the devil, pastors have become conmen. The church has become the largest terrorist organization. It is members who minister to the needs of the church and its pastor. I hear that nowadays some own private jets funded by poor Christians some of whom, have never even seen a common chopper with their naked eyes.

They sacrifice their hard-earned coins to buy flashy car for pastor, fund sermon broadcasts on television and other chain of businesses including schools and hospitals. In facts, they are reminded everyday by their pastors that blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh.

People forget that Jesus was a simple man. Since he started preaching, he never asked anyone to give anything in return for a miracle done. Jesus trekked all his life. He owned no donkey as a means of transport. In fact, the son of man mounted a donkey once when he was about to die in the cross. If these Kenyan conmen in the name of pastors claim they are emulating Jesus and following his teachings, why are they stealing from the needy whom they are supposed to care for?

In a bid to please “God” and get the blessings, church goers squeeze themselves dry so as to fund various projects in the house of God. But surprisingly, their situation remains the same. The more they give, the poorer they become and the richer the pastor becomes.

Today’s church is an epitome of modernity. Churches are fully equipped with state-of-the-art air-conditioned and imposing edifices. At every corner, evolutionary cameras with complete klieg lights are mounted for live broadcast from the pulpit. Sadly, the entire establishment is ravaged by poverty. Regrettably, no discerning Kenyan questions this paradox by asking the pertinent question, why has the modern church abandoned the social service that the old church used so effectively to warm itself into the hearts of many?

The programmes of a true church that worship the living God are supposed to be geared towards alleviating the problems of the poor church members. Churches are supposed to visit prisons, hospitals, charity homes and donate. They should identify poor members of the church and lend a helping hand. Instead, the church in Kenya appears to be on a mission to grab and steal from its members.

The church of today has neglected its members. It has abandoned the noble role of taking care of the weak in the society. Churches have become the key players in doing business.

Most of the private universities and hospitals here in Kenya are owned by well established churches. Sadly, they charge fees that are far beyond the means of their ordinary poor members who sarcastically, contributed to the establishment of the same institutions. The fees charged can only be afforded by the rich. The ordinary church members, who helped in establishing the facilities by donating cash, building materials, labour and even by praying and fasting, for the schools and hospitals, cannot afford to take their children to learn there or treat their sick ones.

Long story short, Christians in Kenya must wake up from spiritual sleep and say enough is enough. They should not allow conmen in the name of men of God, to steal from them in exchange of blessings. If you must give, just give what the Holy book requires of you, an offering. If your needs are too much, please don’t give pastor and starve your children, God will punish you. Don’t give everything – including your rent and the school fees of your children – just to make your pastor happy. God created you and he understands your needs.

Besides preaching, every pastor must have a job where he gets his daily bread from. If your pastor does not have a job and depends on you for survival, that is a conman who should be chased to the very last gate of hell and burn there. Remind him that even Jesus was a carpenter. He was helping his father Joseph when free.


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