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Saturday, March 21, 2020- Celebrated radio host and football enthusiast, Carol Radull, has opened up on her failed marriage to Mike Njiru for the first time.

Radull’s seven year marriage to Mr. Njiru hit a dead end in 2017 and she bailed out.

The happy-go-lucky media personality was the guest on Upclose with Betty on Friday where she talked about her childhood, family, career, and relationships.

Speaking on her failed marriage, Carol revealed that all was well for six years but things went south in the seventh year and they called it quits.

However, it seems the divorce wasn’t messy as most of them are since Radull still speaks highly of her ex-husband.

She also called on people to stop stigmatizing divorcees without getting to know the reasons why their marriages had to end.

See what she said below:

I was married for seven years and it wasn’t bad. It was a great six years and then one year was a bit rough.

The lessons I learnt, I would never say anything negative publicly about my ex-husband.

I believe he was a good man and I was in love with him when we were married but things just change and you grow apart for whichever reason maybe he is just not meant to be the one.

I learnt a lot in the institution of marriage and if it doesn’t work don’t force it.

If you asked me this four years ago when I was going through it, I would probably be in tears because people need to understand it is not an easy thing.

You don’t wake up and decide this relationship is too hard I’m getting divorced.

It’s not an easy decision you make. You give it a lot of thought, try seven times seven times and even after making the decision as you go through its not easy even a year later.

You always ask yourself if this is something I could have done.

People need to understand that it actually hurts when somebody belittles it and I pray people don’t have to go through it.

It’s hard Betty you’ve been there but there’s life after it -divorce.

Don’t beat yourself up and if you’re lucky enough to find happiness in somebody else maybe that’s what was meant to be.

Radull has since moved on and she’s currently dating Bramwel Karamoja, a former Gor Mahia player.
The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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