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Thursday, March 12, 2020 - A lady took to twitter and shared her experience of dating short men.

According to her, she had a terrible experience dating a short man and that’s why she has vowed that she will never date a short man again.

The lady claimed that the short men she has dated have low self esteem and anger issues.

She also recounted her first kiss with a short man, which left her bending and thinking her neck was going to snap.

She tweeted;

"My experience with short men has been quite terrible. 1st date & they’re already telling you to stop wearing heels. Some will start fantasizing about having kids with you so that they’ll correct the height deficiency in their offspring. & their anger no be here. I no do again.

To make thing clear, I’m not mocking short men. I’m only stating MY experience as a tall woman navigating the dating circle with them. I’m 6’0 and many tall women like me can relate. And we’re genuinely tired.

The first time I ever kissed a short man I had to stoop down to reach his lips. Thought my neck was going to snap. It was so awkward and we ended up laughing about it. I’m so glad the kiss was good because what would I have today my parents if my neck had dislocated?”


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  1. Hahahhahahahahahha!!!!!!!! You see in this generation of women today simply they don’t think 🤔 and the reasons is why, they don’t know the laws of nature for Isaac Newton every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and the problem is not men the problem is woman who think when they jump off on top of a building they will go up for getting they go down and fall and that’s the reason why we have many single women in a we're society today short men are human beings not animals,I believe God create a man in his own image look around in nature he created large,small,tall,short,faster,slow and above all strong and weak.

  2. This tall women are always losers it can take years before she gets a tall man 👨 and finds stupid reasons to cover her arguments it also depends how short is the guy and I also hate tall women like hell most tall women and men are not good responsible parents just look around your society most short women and men are good responsible parents and scientifically proven and thats the bottom line.