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Friday March 13, 2020 - The late Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei, who was attached to Deputy President William Ruto's office, lived a lavish life that astounded his colleagues and close friends. 

This is despite earning a salary of between Ksh 25,000 and Ksh 30,000, a stipulated salary for an Administration Police Officer, coupled with tips and allowances on special assignments.

However, a close colleague argued that before his death, Kenei was in possession of a worthy good amount of money.

"It seems the killers took the money," a colleague who schooled with him at the Administration Police Training College (ATPC) in Embakasi said.

Another officer claimed that Kenei was a number of times sent abroad on unknown assignments.

"I won't be surprised if his death is connected to many of the deals he was involved in," the officer alleged.

Another one added that the answer to Kenei's mysterious murder lied in his passport, rather than the deleted phone call records retrieved by the Director of Criminal Investigations, George Kinoti.

"Therein lies crucial information to those investigating his death.”

“They should find out where he flew to, the purpose of the trips, and the individuals he met," the third officer argued.

Surprisingly, Kenei had an official residence (a two-bedroom house) in Shauri Moyo Administration Police Camp, which was safer than the bedsitter in Imara Daima, where he was found dead.

"I know he had a house in Shauri Moyo.”

“On several occasions, he dropped me along Jogoo Road while heading to the camp," a close friend said.

"He would be alive had he chosen to live in the secured residence," the friend lamented.

Another mystery surrounded the Jericho pistol found in his bedsitter, with a senior ranking officer arguing that police were mandated to adhere to the standing orders that require a firearm to be surrendered to the nearest armoury, before heading home. 

His gun should have been left at Imara Daima Police Post or Mukuru Police Post. 

However, police with good conduct enjoy the freedom of carrying home their guns.

"Nowadays, the rules around gun custody are relaxed."

"We allow those with exemplary discipline and those who guard VIP's sign-off late in the night," the officer disclosed.


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