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Insight into casino security 

It should come as no surprise that casinos all around the world spend billions of dollars on their security systems, because casinos are also places where a huge amount of money is kept, and where there is a huge amount of money to also be won. In fact, the only other establishment that regularly contains more money than an online casino is a bank, and we all know how heavily they are policed. 

The difference here, however, is that the security at casinos is often made to be as subtle and unnoticeable as possible, because we all know how off putting various security elements can be whilst you’re trying to gamble and have a good time. It is funny though, because behind the scenes every single one of our actions are ruthlessly scrutinised. Read ahead for an insight into casino security and its many facets. 

The muscle 

You can have the best security system in the world, but at the end of the day, if you haven’t got the muscle to go alongside this it is all fairly useless. Just think about it: you could spot someone card counting at a Blackjack table, for example, but without the required personnel you would struggle to physically eject from the casino. 

This is why all casinos will have at least one huge muscular member of security, someone to call upon when needed. Alongside giving an extra bit of muscle, these people also install a fear factor as soon as many gamblers walk through the doors of a casino. A warning shot if you will – don’t you dare cheat at our establishment.  

Constant surveillance 

Although you may not see it on first glance, casinos are some of the most heavily watched places on earth, with a huge amount of surveillance present in every single one, especially the huge super casinos that can be found in places like Las Vegas. It makes sense, doesn’t it? In order to combat cheating and other crimes you have to be able to see what’s going on in great detail, especially on the casino floor. 

The extent of this is crazy, however. You should see the size of some casino’s surveillance rooms – it’s bonkers! As many security experts will tell you, casinos can quite easily track the movements of any one of their customers over the length of their stay, even if it is over a period of several days. Crazy!

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