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Monday March 9, 2020 - Deputy President William Ruto has threatened to expose Government officials who he accused of threatening and blackmailing leaders affiliated to him.

Speaking at the Catholic Church of Uganda Martyrs, Kibirichia Parish, in Buuri Constituency, Meru County, yesterday, Ruto accused unnamed officials of seeking to use the criminal justice system to intimidate leaders.

According to Ruto, Governors, Members of Parliament, Senators and Members of the County Assembly have been receiving threatening phone calls.

However, a tough-talking Ruto warned the officials that they will soon be exposed.

At the same time, the DP vowed never to applogize for his actions.

"I am the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, elected by the people of Kenya."

"And I have no apologies to make to anybody.”

"I want to tell those public officers using those offices that soon, very soon, we will call them out.”

“They must stop the nonsense they are engaged in of making telephone calls to leaders, blackmailing people left, right and center," the Deputy President thundered.

Speaking at the same event, Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, a staunch Ruto ally, admitted to being threatened over his support for the Deputy President.

"God will stand with you.”

“Some of us are being threatened and intimidated but it is not our fault that the people chose to follow someone who used to sell chicken, whose father came from a humble background.”

"I want to tell you, as God is my witness, if it was not for William Samoei Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta would not be President today.”

“That I can say without fear of contradiction," Kuria stated.


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