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Thursday, February 5, 2020 - Tiaty MP, William Kamket, has claimed that Deputy President William Ruto should bolt out of the 2022 presidential bid if he wants to avoid an embarrassment.

Speaking on Wednesday, Kamket who is a close ally of Kanu Chairman, Gideon Moi, said Ruto, who is a patented thief of public money, will not win the 2022 presidential bid.

According to Kamket, a faction of Jubilee Party leaders allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta will soon team up with ODM, ANC, Wiper Kenya, FORD Kenya, KANU and other like-minded outfits to form an alliance ahead of 2022 polls.

"The con game in the formation of Jubilee will be laid bare soon."

"TNA original will team up with KANU, ODM, Wiper, ANC, Ford Kenya and other like-minded parties to form a broad-based coalition."

"URP and it’s thieving ways will lick their wounds in opposition," Kamket said.

Kamket's sentiments came in the backdrop of growing concerns from Ruto and his allies that the on-going BBI sensitisation rallies were being used as forums for political mobilisation and rejuvenation ahead of 2022.


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  1. Heheeehe. Ati "who is a patented thief of public money: I hope Kamkatet lives in Kenya. Can he tell us among all those parties he has mentioned the one whose leader has not been implicated in theft and corruption one way or the other of public money. Ama you are sanitized when you move close to the bbi brigade. Tell Kenyans another and be truthful to yourself and God Almighty.

  2. The reverse is also true.
    That combination will be defeated by the hustler Nation.