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Thursday March 5, 2020 - County Assembly of Nairobi Speaker, Beatrice Elachi, has laid out demands for President Uhuru Kenyatta and the national Government to meet after taking over key duties from Governor Mike Sonko.

Speaking at the Kenya School of Government in Nairobi, Elachi made it clear that the National Government was not free to carry out duties in Nairobi without engaging the County Assembly.

"We want to tell the National Government that you are not going to just do things without bringing them to the County Assembly so that we table and approve for you to show that we have agreed with this framework.”

"So that we do not come and start fighting again saying that 'no, we did not agree on this, we never tabled this.”

“Those are some of the things we are dealing with especially when it comes to human resources," she stated.

She also appealed to Nairobi CECs to ensure that the handover was flawless even as the puzzle of two Finance CeCs remained unsolved.

"All I need to plead with the executive side is let us work in a manner that we create a framework that will not bring hindrance in terms of the smooth transition going to National Government.”

"We should also ensure that we have a framework that takes care of the CEC members who are there.”

“How are we ensuring that they get into the different committees within their dockets and continue working?" she added.


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