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Thursday, March 5, 2020 - Members of Team Mafisi have come up with the standard price of pussy, after sex buyers complained that  slay queens have hiked the price of the “precious commodity” that is between her legs.

Women aged 30 and above have been dealt a major blow in the new listing.

See the prices to avoid being conned when seeking sex from thigh vendors who are scattered  all over.

Full night Prices

1. 18 - 23 years - 3k Captions: if she is sexy, your type, chemistry, no drama and attitudes - add her fare if you feel like or if she gave you a worthy service. Fare 500ksh - 1k

2. 24 - 26 years - 2k to 2.5k Captions: as mentioned in above category - add her fare if she gave you a worthy service and if she didn’t, don’t cater for her transport. Fare 200 - 500ksh.

3. 27 - 29 years - 1.5k to 2k Captions: if she give you a worthy service, no drama attitude, good body and face; add fare. fare 500ksh

4. 30 - 35 years - 1k to 1.5k Captions: If she still has a hot body and worthy service, fare 100-200ksh

5. Above 35 years and beyond - 100ksh to 1k (no fare)

Half Board price per category above (3hrs and above not a night)

1. 1.5k - 2k (no fare)

2. 1k - 1.5k (no fare)

3. 500ksh - 1k (no fare)

4. 200sh - 500ksh (no fare)

5. 100 per shot

If massage is included (serious massaging plus all extras as you like) per category as above full board

1. Add 500ksh - 1k (minus fare)

2. Add 250- 500ksh (minus fare)

3. Add 200 - 250ksh (minus fare)

4. 100 - 200ksh (minus fare)

5. 10 bob to 50bob or be paid (no fare)

NB: All depends on your assessment and negotiation ability.


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