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Monday, March 16, 2020 - Rogue city pastor, Peter Manyuru, the founder of Jesus Teaching Ministries and the owner of Nairobi Aviation College, is among rogue city preachers who have been faking miracles and preying on innocent Kenyans.

The fake preacher has an expansive church at Kahawa House along Haile Sellasie Avenue where desperate Kenyans flock expecting to receive miracles, healing  and financial breakthroughs.

At Manyuru’s church, every miracle has its own price.

He sells 'anointed' items such as handkerchiefs, oil and pens to hundreds of brainwashed congregants who flock his church daily.

To see him in person, you have to part with Ksh 5,000.

The Kenyan DAILY POST has a video of the fake preacher spraying some coached congregants with water which he claims was anointed.

The stage managed miracle left the coached congregants falling down like sacks of potatoes.

The Government should come up with mechanisms to tame rogue pastors like Manyuru.

See video.

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  1. May God forgive you since you don't know what your reporting.God says don't touch my anointed one. Tafadhali sana wachana na Pastor Manyuru otherwise utakutana na Mungu mwanyewe na atakuchapa kibogo kali.

  2. Wewe na Pastor Manyuru.. waongo sana.. mwambie huyu self proclaimed Pastor akuje KNH OR MBAGATHI awatibu watu..