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Sunday February 2, 2020 - A host of Government officials prefer using foreign phone numbers within the country to avoid being recorded by security agents.

This was revealed by celebrated lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi.

Usually, the National Intelligence Agency obtains permission from court to keep an eye on suspicious officials or citizens.

And according to Ahmednasir, the rogue Government officials are increasingly using foreign phone numbers to make and receive calls in order to avoid the NIS trap.
Through roaming, one is able to use a foreign phone number or even data network for long periods of time.

"Do you know many government officials with a view to avoiding surveillance/telephone taps by security agents use foreign telephone numbers?”

"So next time you get a call from a Dutch/Dubai/British telephone number...just pick it...it is your CS or PS neighbour calling...@WehliyeMohamed," he said.

NIS was powerful under the regimes of President Daniel Moi and Jomo Kenyatta and had been named Special Branch.

But through the new Constitution, the team, besides gathering security briefings through individuals, rarely taps phone calls.

During that time, opposition politicians were their target and through phone tapping, one's conversation could easily be monitored.


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