Friday, February 7, 2020 - A woman who was assaulted by her husband has told a Makadara Court that her husband is insecure because of her beauty.

The woman said her husband, Nahashon Thuo, who is a church elder, assaulted her and attempted to throw her over a balcony from the first floor during a domestic argument.

However, the suspected denied the charges and claimed that his wife wants to disfranchise him of their matrimonial property.

Thuo stated that their residential house is at the center of their dispute.

The wife accused Thuo of attempting to transfer the house they own jointly to himself.

She went on to reveal that Thuo, despite being a Church elder, has been assaulting her since last year but she covered it to protect their children until he attempted to throw her over the balcony.

She accused Thuo of being insecure and suspecting her of having affairs.

“I kept quiet because I knew my children were awaiting exams.”

“He has been suspicious of me always getting furious every time he sees a man near me although I know he has affairs with certain girls and I had decided never to confront him,” she said.

On his part, Thuo claimed that she had been cheating on him and said that on the day they fought she had been dropped home by a man past midnight.

“She texted my son to ask him whether I was home and if I looked like I was angry.” 
“She told him to tell me she was with Jane.”

“But later, a double cabin [pick up] slowly passed near our home and dropped her,” Thuo said.

The complainant said that she wants a divorce because she can’t stand the torture anymore.

Makadara Chief Magistrate Heston Nyaga ordered Thuo to remain in custody until February 11th and directed the Probation Department to carry out a social inquiry of the two before he grants bail to the suspect.


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