Thursday February 13, 2020 - Baringo Senator Gideon Moi-led KANU party will continue mourning the late retired President Daniel arap Moi for the next 40 days at his home in Kabarak.

Speaking during the burial ceremony, KANU Secretary General, Nick Salat, announced that during that period, the home will be open to visitors who want to condole with the late Moi’s family.

According to Salat, the 40 days will commence after seven days to allow the family to mourn Mzee in their own way first.
“We will give the family the usual seven days of mourning, then as members of KANU and Kenyans who love late Moi, we are going to be here in Kabarak receiving guests for 40 days because he gave a lot to our party and Kenya in general,” said Salat.

Moi, the second President of Kenya, died on February 4th and was buried at his home on February 12th.

Salat also intimated that the independence party is still strong despite the death of Moi, who vied for Member of Parliament and President on a KANU ticket his whole tenure.

Led by Salat, the KANU mourners donned party colors in honor of Moi’s party which the President took pride in for 24 years as he served as the Head of State.


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