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Hallo Kenyan DAILY POST, I need advice from your followers on what I  should do. 

I and my husband had our bath and all i could think of was sleep, but my husband was thinking differently.

He wanted sex, but i was just too tired for that so i said NO and asked him to wait until morning. 

My husband angrily left the bedroom and i drifted off to sleep because i was too tired.

I was woken up with a slap in my face. 

I thought i was dreaming, but i wasn’t. 

I was startled when i saw it was my husband who actually had slapped me!

As i asked him what the issue was, he gave me another slap and said i had no right to deny him sex. 

I was forced to slap him back, but that made him angrier, he hit me back and pinned me down. 

I struggled with him, but he overpowered me.

He tore my nightwear and RAPED me to his satisfaction. 

I still do not believe this happened. 

I don't know what surely came over him because he had never slapped nor raped me before.

We are only 3 years in our marriage and i don’t think there could be anything to justify rape.

Can't men understand that we were created differently and that they don't lose anything when they wait than being selfish?

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  1. If you are created differently, then go live differently without a husband. Nonsense.

  2. bitch! you were full of pooh and couldn't have sex cos of shit fill your intestine. the guy is right to slap you as he wants and don't call it rape bitch. give your pussy everyday apart from the red days.

  3. Haki this women. You mean you can be so quick to justify that your husband can rape you but don't care about his feelings? Nonsense woman you don't deserve a husband.

  4. The same thing mine told me yesterday..Ok,I really wanted to deep in,I responded ok you rest..since I have a clande near by I had to go quench my thirst and by one I was back..the daughter of jezebel is asking me ,"Na umetoka wapi"

  5. I see your pants bloodshed. We're you virgin?

  6. Three years being fucked and still virgin because your pants are bloodshed?