Friday February 14, 2020 - Indian Government officials who collected the lifeless body of Kahawa Wendani MCA, Cyrus Omondi, have said the Kiambu County lawmaker died a painful death.

In a story published by an Indian daily on Friday, an officer said Omondi died on the floor of a hotel in India’s suburb, Mulund, located north-east of Mumbai.

The officer said Omondi struggled alone for more than 18 hours.

His body was found on the floor of his room in Trimurti Hotel on Wednesday evening following frantic calls from Indian guides.
Preliminary reports from MT Agarwal Hospital, where Omondi’s body was taken, said the lawmaker died of a heart attack and ruled out poisoning since there was no vomit on his bedside.

The body was moved to Rajawadi Hospital morgue pending an autopsy to establish the exact cause of his death.

Omondi’s family in Nairobi has opposed the theory of a heart attack saying the lawmaker was as fit as a fiddle when he went to India last week.


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