Wednesday February 12, 2020 - Rongai MP and son of the late Mzee Moi, Raymond Moi, has declined to take over the political vacuum his father left.

During the funeral service, Raymond handed over Mzee Moi's symbolic rungu to Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, who is his younger brother.

Raymond said that his brother will be taking over the political leadership and not the family leadership.

"I have had the honour of being Mzee MP for 7 years... I am the leader of this family now but politically I will hand that to Gideon," Raymond stated.

"We will tell Gideon to take care of us and revive KANU... we accept BBI...," he added.

The Rongai MP handed over the political leadership mantle to his younger brother in the presence of the church and Kalenjin traditional leaders who had handed it over to him.

Gideon thanked his family for trusting him with the political mantle and promised to represent KANU well.

"I was not expecting this...hata kushika hii rungu...nitashika and I will do my best …so help me God," Gideon said.


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  1. That is right.
    He not the first born son, the first born son was Jonathan Toroitich, whom Moi didn't like, the last born Moi opted for the last born Gideon the son with no vision to lead his visionless political legacy of poverty in Baringo as his father did - like father like son.
    Don't blame Raymond, he has done the correct thing as per his father's wish. The stupid thing is for the Baringo poverty ridden native keep voting so the some with no development record behind his name but alcohol and chopper.