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Monday, February 24, 2020 - The proverbial forty days of a cheating husband reached after he was caught red handed by his wife having sex with a secret lover in their matrimonial bed.

The Kenyan DAILY POST understands that the man’s wife lied to him that she won’t be available on Valentine's Day since her boss had given her a lot of work but she was just setting a trap for him after suspecting that he was cheating.

The cunning woman then secretly told their househelp to snitch on her cheating husband.
The sexually starved and disrespectful man shamelessly  brought his mpango wa kando to their matrimonial home thinking that his wife was away for work.

The househelp then secretly informed the cheating husband’s wife that the man had brought another woman in the house.

Hell broke loose after the jilted wife came home unannounced and caught them red handed exchanging fluids.

The incident happened in Uganda, a country with high levels of promiscuity .

This is how the incident was reported in the local media.

Watch the dramatic video albeit of the language barrier.


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