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Friday, February 21, 2020 - Controversial Kenyan TV talk show host, Dana De Grazia, has left tongues wagging after she posed completely naked for the gram.

The sexy lass who co-hosts the Lets Talk on Ebru TV shared her nude photo on Instagram to show off her different tattoos inked on her whole body.

De Grazia alias Hustlegoddess is known for her love for ink and has never shied away from showing off her tattoos, as soon as she gets the ink work done.
Earlier this year, she shared another nude photo to flaunt a full back tattoo she was working on and captioned the photo:

“No pain no gain."

"Posted this to my stories a bit ago but I think its wall worthy."

"Unfinished and it will stay this way until next year. #ink #tattoos #backpiece #japanese #tiger #workinprogress #nopainnogain #art #love #aesthetic #booty,” 

See the thirsty inducing photo that is driving men crazy below.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me correct you with your statement she is not sexy this lady is a whore who has no future morals and you think Kenyan men are interested woooooooo!!!!! please not all Kenyan men, this is slavery and abomination to Kenya generation thank God for Mr Matiangi who changed the education system,i believe Kenya has ladies who are God fearing,well educated from well christian and Muslim back grounds,who take good care of there bodies knowing is the temple of God with out bogus tattoos brainless women.