Wednesday February 12, 2020 - Retired Bishop Silas Yego executed one of the last wishes former President Daniel Arap Moi expressed concerning his children.

During the funeral service at the former President's Kabarak home on Wednesday, Bishop (Rtd) Yego noted that he will execute a desire that the late President expressed some time ago.

"Mzee Moi loved the church and he loved the Bible.”

“He loved reading the Bible and as a result of this he instructed me to give his children, each a Bible during his funeral and that is what we will do.”

“He also left specific words for me to read to his children and I will do that as we hand over the Bibles," the clergyman said.

The retired Bishop also added that the former President was well conversant with death for a Christian adding that he was ready for it.

"Mzee knew very well about death.”

“When we were burying Lena, he was very brave, he said 'Mama hapa, mimi hapo kando' (she is lying here, I'll be buried next to her).

"Let me tell you a secret I've held for sometime.”

“Mzee Moi once called for a prayer meeting and he invited two other pastors.”

“He told us, 'I think my time has come to go home'.”

“Also on September 5, 2019 the family held a special prayer meeting and I was invited and Mzee insisted that he was about to take his final journey and he asked me to pray for him.”

“He was very prepared for his death," Bishop (Rtd) Yego narrated.


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