Friday February 14, 2020 - Central Organisation of Trade Union (COTU) Secretary General, Francis Atwoli, has claimed that he is the one who cursed former Sports Cabinet Secretary, Rashid Echesa, in 2019.

Addressing the press on Friday, Atwoli, who is currently urinating on himself due to old age, said that on January 5th, 2019, he cursed the former CS.

"I cursed the boy, I said that I will see the boy going down.”

“I told him I was his father, his elder, even if I was naked, he needed to cover me.”

“Even if his father was naked, he needed to cover him,” Atwoli said.

“You don't talk about your father or let him go naked, I told him I would watch him going down and he would never see me going down," Atwoli added.

In addition, Atwoli wondered how fraudulent documents were being signed in Deputy President William Ruto's office.

"If a former Minister can enter into a second in command office with a rubber stamp and sign documents, you can see the level of corruption in this country.”

Echesa was arrested on Thursday, February 13th and is facing charges over a Sh 39 billion fake Government firearms tender deal.

Echesa is alleged to have conned a Poland-based American firm Sh 11.5 million as an initial consultancy fee.

Sh 39 billion was to be issued later for the tender and an additional Sh50 million was to be as an add-on.

He was arrested outside Ruto’s office where he had gone to collect a kickback of Sh 52 million from the firm‘s officials.


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