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Saturday February 22, 2020 - Political analyst, Herman Manyora, has sensationally claimed that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has devised an ingenious plan to ensure Deputy President William Ruto does not set foot in State House come 2022.

According to Manyora, Raila has successfully employed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) to curtail Ruto’s growing influence.

"Raila's has hunting skills."

"Like a lion he has learned to isolate and attack," Manyora stated.

He commended the former Premier for uniting leaders from different political factions, noting that it was politically working in his favour.

"I begin to see many people misunderstand the issue of BBI.”

“They do not understand how it is being used as a strategy by Raila.”

“What Raila is doing is to ensure people who are not compliant are either isolated or brought to the fall.”

"The tactic he has used to bring the Maasai together shows that is the plan," Manyora stated.

He further stated that by bringing Governors into the BBI with the approval of Uhuru, Raila had ensured that all leaders are compliant with the report. 

"This will isolate Ruto," Manyora asserted.

"It will leave people on the ground feeling cold.”

“They will drift towards some father figure.”

“All of us are in need of a father figure.”

“In politics, a county, a community, a region will knowingly or unknowingly drift towards a father figure," he stated.

"What Raila is doing, by bringing Governors together, he is making it impossible for people to relate with Ruto," he added.

Manyora alleged that there will be no illusion about compliance with the BBI.

He asserted that next in Raila's game plan, was a move for MPs allied to the Tanga Tanga faction of Jubilee and draw them into BBI.

Sooner rather than later, the whole country will have leaders who are BBI compliant, and Ruto will be isolated.

"Even in the Rift Valley, once Ruto is fully isolated sufficiently, they will change course.”

“When Ruto has been isolated, he has been made weak, begins to act in desperation, once those Rashid Echesa issues begin to make him wobble, Gideon Moi will begin to look attractive," Manyora remarked noting that Raila was succeeding with his plan. 

"Unless Ruto changes tact, his reliance on regional leaders will be his undoing.”

“He has the most elected leaders in the Mt Kenya region, but once Raila continues to hit them, they will begin to change," he pronounced.


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